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Using Honey for Priming

Posted by Maggie on May 8, 2010

The most common sugar used for priming is dextrose made from corn, i.e. corn sugar.  Sucrose (cane sugar) can leave an unpleasant flavor.  Dextrose tends to leave no flavor.  4 oz. powdered should be used for a five gallon batch or 2.4 oz for a three gallon batch.

You can also use honey for priming.  In a strong beer, the flavor will probably not be detectable, but in a lighter, mild beer the honey can leave slight honey flavor.  However, some have said that the flavor difference is undetectable so it isn’t worth the extra money for the honey.   I have yet to use honey but will update this post if I find anything of interest from my experimentation.

BTW, if using honey, 0.5 cup should be used for a 5 gallon batch and 0.3 cup for three gallons. That’s the word.


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