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Brewing as a Creative Outlet

Posted by Maggie on May 9, 2010

Keeping the brew warm on the pilot light until fermentation starts.

I used to paint with oils, mostly figurative expressionist. I loved it. However, with young kids, a not-so-big house, and little spare time, I have had to give up painting for a while. So what to do? Drawing? I was thinking that something practical would be nice, with some useful outcome. Beer making, for now at least, is a great creative outlet.

How is it creative? Mostly in the development of new recipes. The process itself also feels creative. I am creating something, afterall. Then there is the aesthetics of the process. The looks of the finished beer. The look of my carboy in the kitchen wrapped in an out-grown red sweater from my daughter. The smell of the wort boiling away. The crates of brown bottles in the garage. It’s art.


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