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3:20 PM Beer

Posted by Maggie on May 15, 2010

Oh the Joy!  My husband just took the kids to see his parents for the weekend.  I just dropped my mom back at her retirement home.  It is 3:20 in the afternoon and I just open a delicious pale ale.  Normally, drinking before 5:00 PM is verboten but it is so rare to have the house to myself for a couple of days.  I will celebrate by enjoying a couple of my homemade ales.  If I hadn’t brewed this myself, I wouldn’t enjoy it as much.  There is nothing like the fruits of our labor.  While children come first, the truest fruits of labor, hobbies can keep us mothers same and happy.  Especially hobbies that make delicious consumables.

Brewing beer and taking care of children is such a natural combination.  My toddler talks about my beer making all the time.  One of the teachers at his preschool a few weeks ago asked to talk to me about an incident when she was trying to have a tea party with him but he wanted to have a beer party instead.  She wanted to know what that was all about.   I was tempted to tell her that we give him beer with his dinner but resisted.  I just explained that I make beer and he loves to watch.  That is pretty much the truth.


One Response to “3:20 PM Beer”

  1. Katie said

    “Pretty much the truth” isn’t the same as “the truth”!

    I like these personal narrative posts best, though I imagine that your readers who actually brew beer might be just as, or even more, interested in the technical posts.

    When are you going to post a photo of your carboy in its cozy sweater? Who knows…it might even draw in some readers from the knitting blogosphere! xxx, K

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