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European Ale #10

Posted by Maggie on May 28, 2010

The kids are at school, I have work to do on the computer, but I am taking a break to brew a batch of beer since we are having a Memorial Day party and I am sure that my stocks will be depleted.  I am going to move the Eurpean Ale #9, which I brewed four days ago, into a secondary fermentation bottle so that my 5 gallon carboy is free for this new batch.  I will use the yeast left at the bottom of the carboy for this next brew.

Here are the ingredients I will be using today for a 3-gallon batch:

  • Specialty Malts:  .5 lbs British Pale Ale, .5 lbs American Pale Ale (steep for an hour at about 150F)
  • 3 lbs. Light Dry Malt Extract (DME)
  • Hops:  .5 oz. Liberty at 60 minutes, .5 oz. Cascade at 5 minutes
  • European Yeast WLP 011 from the last batch.

I will report back on how it turns out.

Update:  The carboy started bubbling away in less than an hour.  That is happy yeast.  Maybe too happy.  It was a warm day and fermentation was so fast and furious that the flavor could be affected.

Actually, this is really good.  Delicious.  I was worried about the temperature but the flavor was not affected.  I am going to use this yeast strain again.


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