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Going Organic

Posted by Maggie on May 28, 2010

While I tend to buy most of my food organic, I have been brewing non-organic beer.   Really, the only reason for this is that my local brew store, Oak Barrel Wine Craft, doesn’t carry organic ingredients.  I love the store.  It’s old and wood and funky and a walk from my house.  The sales-people are informed.   It’s a great place and it is so much nicer to go into a store and pick out the ingredients you want than to order from a store.

But I just decided that I care too much about consuming organic products and supporting organic agriculture, so I ordered a bunch of ingredients from Seven Bridges Cooperative in Santa Cruz (see the links on the right side of the page).  I would rather buy in person, but there it is.  Maybe I can get the Oak Barrel to start carrying organic ingredients.

Update:  They are going to start carrying organic specialty malts and DME and hops at the Oak Barrel, my local store!


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