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Beer 11 Plans

Posted by Maggie on June 12, 2010

My organic ingredients from Santa Cruz have arrived so I am going to brew something today.  I have everything but yeast, which I will pick up at Oak Barrel.  I think that I will go with a cream ale blend, it being summer.  I am going to add more hops than I usually do, for some variety.

I will also have to pick up a new racking tube (L-shaped tube for siphoning beer out of the carboy) , as mine has gone missing.  I know how it has gone missing: my two-year-old is a bit too interested in my equipment.  He was in the garage last week and kept asking me to close the door so that I couldn’t watch him.  “Why?” I asked, “So you can play with my equipment?”  “Yes.”

He’s mischievous but not devious.  I did not follow his request but I’m sure he found a time to lose my racking tube.  I moved everything out of his reach now.


One Response to “Beer 11 Plans”

  1. Katie said

    That is so stinkin’ cute! I love that kid.

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