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Beer and Weight and Other Thoughts

Posted by Maggie on June 28, 2010

I know that many of us were relieved to read the study that found moderate drinking was inversely correlated with mid-life weight gain.  However, I have found that I have indeed put on weight since I started brewing my own beer (and, therefore, drinking more beer!)  Maybe the weight gain has another source but it is the only thing that has changed in my life.  Very suspicious!  Here I am sipping European Ale #9 (very delicious!!!) as I write this.  Perhaps the beer is supposed to replace a meal.  Not likely.  I guess that I will have to cut out something from my diet and add more exercise to halt this trend.  Who wants tight clothes?  Not me.

So I am sold on this secondary fermentation step.  I know that just comparing two beers, one with secondary and one without, should not give the definitive answers, especially since the recipes were different.  But #9 is a smooth drink.  European Ale #10 is not as smooth.  #11 Pale Ale is sitting in secondary right now.  I’ll see how that turns out.  What should I brew next?

I ate at Marin Brewing company last night.  The hefeweizen was excellent!  My partner tried the Mount Tam Pale Ale.  Also very good but too hoppy for me.  Very clear hop flavor.  If I were an expert, I could probably identify the hop type. Maybe Liberty?


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