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Posted by Maggie on June 29, 2010

OK, just to be fair, I will include a photo of Colin Firth as Darcy as well.  They are both great characters portrayed by excellent actors.   Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book bar none.  North and South is excellent as well.  Thank you to Elizabeth Gaskell and Jane Austen for the pleasure you have brought to so many people. I know that this has nothing to do with beer but ale is mentioned a few times in North and South (brewed by women at inns.  In 18th century England, most inns had their own ale that was served to guest.)


One Response to “Darcy”

  1. Katie said

    Maybe you should say “Team Darcy” versus “Team Thornton,” or “Team Colin” versus “Team Richard”(a la the fans of those two *Twilight* fellas)?

    Either way, how about naming your next two beers in honor of your two leading men? Which one is more dark and hoppy? Which one is more smooth and mellow? As you know, in my opinion they’re both a little bit too, um, frothy and crisp (is the word I’m searching for here”insipid”? or “unsippable”?), but there’s no accounting for taste!

    xxx, K

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