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Kolsch #12 Fermentation

Posted by Maggie on July 26, 2010

As an experiment, I bottle Kolsch #12 after only 8 days in primary fermentation.  I also used powdered sugar as the primer rather than dextrose.  I have read that powdered sugar will cloud the beer since it contains corn starch.  I guess I’ll find out.

The recipe I used is:

  • 2 lbs Gambrinus Organic Pale Ale Malt (Barley)
  • 2 lbs Organic DME
  • Hops:  1/2 oz. Cascade at 60 minutes, 1/2 oz. Liberty at 10 minutes
  • Yeast:  White Labs Kolsch

I used a pound less DME than normal and a pound more specialty malt.   This might be a disaster or it might be fine. Only the beer gods know.  I’ll find out in a few weeks.

Update:  Delicious!  I forgot that this was an experimental brew.  I just came back from a trip to Vermont and opened a bottle and drank it down.  It wasn’t cloudy.  Carbonation level was perfect.  Flavor is excellent.  Alcohol level very nice.   I will make this recipe again.

Another update:  Whoa, strange.  Some of the bottles foam over when I open them and I lose half the beer down the sink (or over the counter if I am not paying attention.)  My theory is that I didn’t let the beer ferment as long as it would have liked because I was leaving town for a couple of weeks.  It was only in primary for 8 days.  As for the uneven results, maybe the priming sugar was mostly at the bottom of the bottling bucket so the first bottles I filled had too much sugar.  Maybe using the confectionary sugar also led to this problem.   The beer in these foaming bottles still tastes fine but it is a bit cloudy.  What a shame to lose all that beer down the drain though.  Live and learn.


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