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California Ale #15

Posted by Maggie on October 3, 2010

Today I had my first beer brewing class.  Seven student came over to learn the basics of brewing.   The class lasted about 3.5 hours.  We bottled the two Belgian ales which had been in secondary fermentation.  This is we brewed.  This is for a three gallon batch, as usual.

  • .5 lb pale ale and .5 lb crystal 15 specialty malt (organic)
  • 3 lbs Organic Pale Ale DMA
  • .5 oz. Organic Cascade and .5 oz. Hallertaur at 60 minutes, .5 oz. Fuggle at 10 minutes
  • WLP001 California Ale yeast

I’ll update with how it turns out.

I bottled this a couple of days ago and it had the thinnest yeast layer at the bottom of the carboy that I have yet seen.  It also didn’t seem to bubble for very long.  I lost my hydrometer but I think that I need to start using it again.  I wonder if the organic DME I used for this batch might not be of the same quality as the non-organic DME, although it is pesticide free, which is a big plus.  Although I used organic DME for Kolsch #11 and that beer was excellente.  Maybe the California Ale Yeast was a weak batch.  The flavor was good.  I’ll see what the alcohol level is like (through the non-scientific method of drinking it and seeing how much alcohol I feel.  This works very well if you are a serious alcohol light-weight like me.)


One Response to “California Ale #15”

  1. fred nerk said

    How can you hold brewing classes and not have a hydrometer? That seems seriously paradoxical.

    Part of brewing is considering the body of the beer during recipe formulation, not just alcohol calculation (though it is important, because alcohol and body go hand in hand).

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