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Kolsch Ale #16

Posted by Maggie on December 4, 2010

I haven’t brewed for quite a while because I just don’t drink as much beer when the weather is cold.  But my stocks are getting low, the holidays are coming, so I am brewing again.  Here is what I am using as ingredients:

  • Specialty malts:  1 lb. crystal 15, 1 lb. Weyerman Pils (organic)
  • 2 lbs. Pale Ale DME (organic)
  • Hops:  .5 oz. Hallertaur, 1 oz. Centennial at 60 minutes, .5 oz. Belgian Cascade at 10 minutes
  • Kolsch yeast

I bottled this after 12 days in primary.  I’ll see how it tastes in a couple of weeks.  I only had 30 bottles and more beer than fit in the bottles so I had to drink a big mug of fresh beer.  Yum.   No carbonation but drinkable.  I wonder how much people used to drink fresh beer back in the day.

It tastes OK but I don’t really like the after-taste.  Almost a bit banana-ie.  It is a little more hoppy that what I usually make, almost like an IPA/pale ale cross.   My first few batches were so good that I thought I couldn’t fail.  But this is certainly mediocre.  Still drinkable but not delicious.  Now what do I do with all of this?  I am too picky to drink it.

I did a test with the carbonation: I marked the first two bottled I filled and the last two to see how the carbonation differs.  I haven’t opened those yet.  I’ll report back.   The bottles are sitting in a fairly cool garage now (by East Bay standards – low 40s, high 30s at night.  Global warming?  What a joke!  Just kidding.  I’m not a simpleton.)   I wonder how this will impact the flavor over the next couple of weeks.


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