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Christmas Eve Ale #17

Posted by Maggie on December 24, 2010

It being Cristmas Eve, I am baking (Christmas stollen and rugelach), and cooking (leg of lamb dinner), so I might as well brew some beer while I’m in the kitchen.  I just was walking to the Oak Barrel to get some yeast when I ran into a friend of mine.  We stopped to chat and she was on her way to the Oak Barrel as well to get a gift card for her husband.   So I got a ride.

I decided to use California Yeast (WLP001) to celebrate the great state I live in.  Here is what I am using.  This is for a 3 gallon batch.

  • Specialty malts:  1 lb. crystal 15, 1 lb. Weyerman Pils (organic)
  • 3 lbs. Pilsen DME
  • Hops:  1 oz. Belgian Cascade at 60 minutes, .5 oz. Centennial at 10 minutes
  • White Labs California Ale yeast

I just got two cases of bottles from my friend Norm so I will be ready to bottle this after the primary without having to drink all the beer in the other bottles.

Feb 8:  This is delicious.  Much better than #16.  What I have learned: Sterilization is not enough!  I sterilized the carboy for #16 but there was a film inside of the bottle from previous batches.  Before I brewed #17, I cleaned this out by filling the carboy with a sodium percarbonate solution for an hour and then brushing out the residue.  #17 has a much cleaner flavor.  #16 has a weird after-taste.  I think that the really crisp flavor depends on everything being incredibly clean and sterile.


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