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American Ale #19

Posted by Maggie on July 15, 2011

Alas, I have only 2 apricot ales left!!  A friend told me that it is the best beer she has every had.  It is delicious.  I will try to replicate it in the future.  I need to restock my beer supply and I want a crisp, clear, refreshing beer from the summer.   Last weekend I brewed an American Ale, named afer the American ale yeast from WYeast.  This is supported to be crisp and clean tasting.  For the three gallon batch:

  • 1 lb Belgian malted barlet
  • 3 lbs pale dry malt extract (DME)
  • 1.5 oz Fuggle at 60 minutes
  • .5 oz Hallertaur at 5 minutes
  • American Ale from WYeast

I will be bottling it in a couple of days and will report back on how it tastes.

After my icky #16 beer (I still have some bottles of that in the garage that I need to find a use for), I am double sterilizing the carboy.  First I soak with sodium percarbonate for an hour, rinse well, and then soak with an iodine solution for 20 minutes.   It is too discouraging to brew something that isn’t good.  THe up-front work is worthwhile. 

Oct 9: This is delicious.  I am drinking one now.  It is a bit light on carbonation for some reason, but the flavor is very nice – not bitter but flavorful, just as I like it.  I’m almost out.  Good thing I have my fresh hops batch almost ready to bottle.


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