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Review of Elevation 66

Posted by Maggie on October 9, 2011

On Friday night I finally made it to Elevation 66.  We arrived at 6:15 and had to wait 20 minutes for a table.  It was completely packed, which was nice to see.    When people invest time and money on a new venture and follow their hearts, you want them to be successful.   The atmosphere is very pleasant although loud when that full.  It was not designed with kids in mind but there were plenty of families there.  There were two items on the menu for kids – kid’s burger and kid’s grilled cheese.   We ordered classic pub food – burgers with fries, ribs, fish and chips.  The fish and chips were truly excellent.  Best I have had.  It was served with aioli.  We had to get thirds of the aioli it was so good.   The burger was excellent.  The ribs were a bit salty.  Too much hoisin sauce.  The food other people were getting also looked great (salads, humus, sandwiches, steak.)  I would go back there just for the food!

The beer:  The golden ale was sold out, unfortunately since I like paler ales, so I sampled three other beers:

Ester’s Vanilla Stout (3.5%):  This is well named because it is a woman’s beer – rich and not sharp.  It is dark with a tan head of perfect consistency, with a lovely vanilla flavor.   It is like a vanilla Guiness.  Yum.

Rumble Tumble Red Ale (6%):  Again, perfect level of carbonation, classic red ale flavor, smooth after taste.  I didn’t like it as well as the stout but it demonstrated that these folks know what they are doing.

East Bay IPA (6.3%):  I am the last person who should be reviewing an IPA because they are just too bitter for me.  The smell was good but the taste…well, not for me.  I have friends who would like it.  

They also serve beers from other breweries.

Clearly, these folks are professional brewers who put a lot of thought into their decor, menu, and location.  I’m impressed.  I’m looking forward to going back to try the ale and other items on the menu.


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