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The Can Van

Posted by Maggie on November 5, 2011

Some women I know are starting a portable beer-canning business in Northern California.   The Can Van is a proposed mobile canning service that would allow local craft breweries to put their beer in cans, save money, and reach broader markets.  Shipping canned beers also is much less carbon intensive than shipping bottled beers.

Cans are a convenient way to enjoy local beers at the beach, camping, at concert, or anywhere glass is not allowed but beer is.   With this micro-brew canning service, you could even get a micro-brew on a plane.  (I say this because I was just at a conference this past week and was not happy with my in-flight beer choices.)

You can learn more about the The Can Van by checking out its IndieGoGo campaign, where you can watch videos, see the founders in action, and contribute to the cause of making good beer more accessible.

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