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A Beer For Women: Pink and Black

Posted by Maggie on September 24, 2012

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Finally a beer just for women!

By Miriam | Published: September 2, 2011

Picture of a six pack of "Chick" with a pink and black label

Finally a beer just for women, reads the tagline of the website for chick, a new “premium light beer” marketed toward women. In case you miss the female reference in the beer’s name, the pink and black six-pack case might alert you, as it’s decorated to look like a purse. And if somehow you miss all of those signals, there is the little black dress replete with hourglass figure on the bottle itself.

On why she decided to create a beer marketed toward women, chick founder Shazz Lewis had this to say:

Their whole thing is that we don’t need a beer specifically for women and I’m like, ‘Why not?’ The beer industry has been for men for so long. But it’s changing all around — the NFL has that whole line of female jerseys, and Harley has bikes for women. I say, ‘Don’t get so upset. Just relax, it’s beer.’

I wouldn’t say I’m upset. More like annoyed, and tired of the ridiculous gendering of products. Beer marketing is notoriously male-focused and sexist (super bowl anyone?), so I’m all for new advertising that doesn’t fall into sexist stereotypes. This beer unfortunately just swings the other direction–trying to reach women via outdated stereotypes about what women want. Witness the chickness! says the six pack. Witness me puking a little bit in my mouth.

Chick isn’t the first alcoholic beverage to go in this direction. Skinnygirl cocktails is a new (and extremely successful) product out on the market thanks to Bethenny Frankel, a reality tv star. I think gendered marketing is silly and serves simply to reinforce the gender binary that gets reinforced so much that we’re practically getting beaten over the head with it.

In response to the question of what makes this beer “girly,” Shazz said, “It’s very mellow. It has a little less carbonation so it doesn’t make you burp. There’s no bitterness, and I think that was the big appeal for women.”

This is what the Chick Beer website says about how it all happened.

The Chick Story

Let us tell you the cool story of how Chick Beer happened.

One day, we were in our local store looking for an interesting beer to take home, and thought “Isn’t it strange that out of hundreds of beers, none are designed to appeal directly to women?  In fact, most are clearly marketed to men.”

We went home and did some research, and found that women drink 25% of all the beer consumed in the U.S. That’s over 700 MILLION cases every year!”

The idea to create a brand of beer specifically for women kept stirring in us.  We thought about it night and day, and decided that we were going to give women a female-centric choice that reflected their tastes.

After two years of effort, Chick Beer is our answer. Chick is a craft-brewed light beer that doesn’t taste like a light beer.  It has just 97 calories and 3.5 carbs.  The taste is soft, smooth and full-bodied.  It’s the taste that most women prefer.  You’re going to love it.

The idea for the name literally came to us in a dream, but in retrospect is obvious.  For years, men have dismissed lighter beers as chick beers, something “not on par with what real men drink”.  Our take on this: “Since when is Chick a bad thing?”

So we decided to turn the pejorative Chick upside down, and to use the word as a statement on the strength and power of women.  We also decided that this Chick would be anything but subtle: Bright pink packaging with a purse; LBD on the label; and an over-the-top feminine font; just to be absolutely certain that no one could mistake it for dude beer.

Chick Beer.  Not every woman likes the idea, and some men seem to be threatened by it.  But that’s always been the story with uppity Chicks, hasn’t it?


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