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The Wait

Posted by Maggie on May 8, 2010

One of the enjoyable aspect of beer making is the waiting period between brewing and drinking, and the associated anticipation.  After brewing, the beer ferments in the carboy for two weeks before bottling, and then another two weeks in the bottles before it can be drunk.  Ideally it should be in the bottles longer to get the best flavor (six to eight weeks evidently is the ideal time in the bottle to bring out the best flavor.)  If you are making a lager, then you also have a few weeks or longer in the lagering carboy.

Finally, a month after brewing or longer, you get to see what the beer looks like, the color, the clarity, you get to find out the level of carbonation, the density of the head, and, most importantly, you get to taste the beer.   Tasting during the bottling process gives an indication of the flavor, but the taste changes considerably after two weeks in a bottle.

The anticipation makes brewing like gardening.  You plant the seeds or seedlings, weed, water, wait, and finally have tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, or lettuce.   While gardening has much to recommend it, brewing is more creative than gardening because you can invent your own recipes.  Waiting to see how they will turn out is always a great source of pleasant anticipation.


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